Diatomaceous Earth

The Miracle Supplement: Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

Diatomaceous Earth (known as DE) is the dried fossil remains of the single cell diatom plant, which is a type of hard shelled algae. Diatom lives in water, and as live algae is an abundant food source for nearby aquatic life. After the muddy looking diatomaceous earth is harvested from the bottom of a body of water, it is processed for use.Diatomaceous earth (DE) contains 80 percent silica, 10 percent metal oxides (calcium, magnesium, aluminum, and 10 percent moisture. To make raw DE into food grade DE it is purified with acids and washed to remove the mineral oxides. The remaining substance is almost pure silica, suitable for human consumption, and is completely non-toxic. The trace mineral silica is normally found in the body and is essential to a maintaining a healthy body. In fact, the average human body contains approximately seven grams of silica.There are many healthy benefits from taking DE. The first and most obvious benefit to taking DE are the cleansing properties in the stomach and digestive tract because silica first attracts bacteria then absorbs it. As DE passes through the intestines, its sharp texture scrubs the walls of the intestines and cleans them of mucus and mold. Some of the more common toxins silica attracts and destroys are fungi, viruses, pesticides, drug residues, and E-coli bacteria. These toxins are trapped by the DE (silica) and passed through the intestines and out of the body as a bowel movement.

Taking 1 to 2 tablespoons per day of DE works well to regulate bowel movements and keep the colon clean. The benefits of a clean colon are to help prevent polyps, cancers, and ulcers. (Cancer can’t survive in cells that have an adequate level of silica). When the colon is clean, food and nutrients are better absorbed into the blood stream resulting in increased energy and better nutrition.

As you take DE, a small amount is absorbed into the blood stream as silica. This is important because it helps destroy unwanted fats that will actually lower cholesterol by 40 to 50 points. In time, high blood pressure begins to lower significantly.

Taking DE regularly reduces or stops the pain associated with osteoporosis by depositing minerals into the bones, which includes calcium. Joint elasticity improves, which is great news for rheumatism sufferers. This process hastens the healing of broken bones and reduces scarring at the break. If there is an insufficient supply of calcium in the body, the body can transform silica into calcium.

Regular use of DE will result in healthier skin, bones, joints, nails, and hair. Silica is naturally a main component of hair and taking a DE supplement regularly will encourage healthy hair growth. Hair will grow faster, look naturally shiny, and grow stronger.

DE (silica) helps to slow connective tissue’s degenerative process to help reverse the signs of aging like brown age spots and wrinkles. DE helps to heal a variety of skin conditions like rashes, abscesses, acne, warts, eczemas, insect bites and a lot more.

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